15 Ski clothing brands you need to know

15 Ski clothing brands you need to know. When it comes to ski clothing, there are several brands that have excelled in providing high-quality, durable, sustainable and stylish apparel. These brands prioritize comfort, functionality, and protection against the elements, making them the top choices for ski enthusiasts around the world. Check out! Cover photo & article photo: © Max Draeger for ORTOVOX


Known for their technical expertise and commitment to sustainability, Arc’teryx offers cutting-edge outerwear and apparel that withstands extreme weather conditions.
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Aztech Mountain

Aztech Mountain is a premium ski clothing brand that has gained popularity among outdoor enthusiasts and winter sports enthusiasts alike. Their focus on high-quality materials, innovative design, and functional details make them a go-to choice for those looking for stylish and performance-driven ski wear.
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Black Diamond

Known for their outdoor gear, Black Diamond also manufactures ski clothing with a focus on climbing-inspired designs, durability, and performance.
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Bogner has been a pioneer in ski fashion since its establishment in 1932. With a focus on timeless designs, innovative materials, and attention to detail, Bogner offers premium ski clothing that combines elegance with functionality.
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A prominent snowboarding brand, Burton also offers a range of top-notch ski clothing designed to withstand rigorous mountain conditions while staying on-trend.
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Renowned for their versatile range, Columbia’s ski clothing combines functionality with style and offers a wide selection of options for all ski enthusiasts.
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Helly Hansen

With a heritage rooted in Scandinavian winters, Helly Hansen produces high-performance ski clothing featuring their signature H2Flow ventilation system and the latest technology.
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Guaranteeing maximum performance, Mammut showcases innovative designs that ensure optimal functionality, durability, and protection in every ski garment.
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A Norwegian brand specializing in high-quality ski clothing, Norrona is highly regarded for their attention to detail, sustainability practices, and functional designs.
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Ortovox is a renowned ski clothing brand known for its high-quality and innovative products. With a strong focus on safety and sustainability, Ortovox has become a trusted name in the skiing industry.
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Committed to environmental conservation, Patagonia offers durable ski clothing with a focus on ethical manufacturing and recycled materials.
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Peak Performance

Offering a wide range of ski clothing, Peak Performance combines sleek, minimalist designs with exceptional functionality, allowing skiers to perform at their best.
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Founded in 1804, Schöffel has a long-standing tradition of producing high-quality outdoor clothing. It offers a comprehensive selection of ski wear, including jackets, pants, and accessories. Schöffel is renowned for its attention to fit and durability, making their products a reliable choice for skiers of all skill levels.
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Known for their race-inspired designs, Spyder manufactures ski clothing that exhibits both performance-enhancing features and sleek aesthetics.
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The North Face

A globally recognized brand, The North Face provides reliable and functional ski clothing that caters to both recreational skiers and professional athletes.
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These ski clothing brands have proven their commitment to creating exceptional products that keep skiers warm, comfortable, and stylish on and off piste. With their innovation, durability, and commitment to sustainability, they continue to earn the trust of skiers around the world. What’s your favorite brand?


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Cover photo & article photo: © Max Draeger for ORTOVOX

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