Green hydrogen – a solution against climate change

Green hydrogen – a solution against climate change: Global warming is a serious problem and challenge. We, as skiers and mountain lovers, can see the continuous melting of glaciers 365 days a year. For this reason, I would like to show a positive vision. And address a solution that many are not yet familiar with: green hydrogen.

The Col du Palet refuge, a 100% renewable energy refuge!

The Col du Palet refuge at 2587 m altitude is located in an exceptional and wild site, in the heart of the Vanoise National Park, France.

The initial situation: Solar panels can not generate energy if covered by snow. The idea: a hydrogen seasonal storage. This innovative system makes it possible to store and supply the refuge with electricity, while ensuring its energy autonomy. Before the installation of the hydrogen fuel cell, the operation of the drinking water lift pump required the use of a generator set, powered by diesel.

The result: Since June 2015, electrolysers have been producing hydrogen to keep the refuge operational year-round. Hydrogen keeps 47 sleepers warm and fed. Hydrogen is easily generated by electrolysis of water. A clean source of energy for the environment in combination with solar energy. Have a look to innovative solutions by PowiDian, MAHYTEC and Enapter.

Thanks to the experience of the Col du Palet, the green solution could be implemented for the electricity supply in many places and locations around the world. Ok, the best energy is the one that is not consumed. However, green hydrogen will have a global impact in future. Knock on wood!


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Green hydrogen could help bring the world to net-zero emissions.

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