#3 Photographer // Armin Rauthner

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He is passionate about two major things, photography and the mountains. It doesn’t matter if uphill or downhill, on skis, on a snowboard, by bike or on foot, his focus is always on exploring the nature, preferably with a dog as a companion. Since the beginning of 2018 he is working as a professional photographer.

Hello out there! Today I have the honour of presenting to you photographer and freerider Armin Rauthner from Gastein valley.

Photo left: Armin by © Claudia Ziegler | Photo right: Armin by © Hale NET

Photographer Armin Rauthner

Focus of work:
I love it to freeze moments you can’t see while just watching, because the movements are really fast. So I’m passionate about shooting outdoor sports like skiing, snowboarding and mountainbiking. Besides this I find it awesome to shoot with dogs.
Located in:
Alternately Bad Gastein and Vienna. During the winter season mostly Bad Gastein.
Canon 5D Mark IV, Canon 16-35mm f4.0, Canon 24-70mm f2.8, Canon 70-200mm f2.8
I already had some sports-related shootings for the ÖSV, ÖGSV and ASKÖ, but also work for smaller businesses like physiotherapists. And of course, I hope that my shredbuddies like my pictures as much as I like to shoot with them.
Personal statement/philosophy:
“Skiing is the best way in the world to waste time.” Well, that’s stolen from the great Glen Plake, but it’s true. Of course, that waste of time has to be documented with a camera.
Favorite ski spot:
Definetely the Gastein valley.
My best adventure/photoshoot yet:
That’s hard, but for sure the roadtrip to Andorra with my Shredbuddy Franz last season was really nice. Of course, we were shooting action while skiing and snowboarding but during the long drive there was also enough time to get a little bit into travel- and streetphotography as well.
Person I would like to photograph:
That’s easy, Seth Morrison, he was my skihero since I came in contact with freeriding.
Place I would like to photograph:
I’m definitely planning a skitrip to Japan some time and shooting skiing- and snowboardingaction out of a helicopter wouldn’t be bad either.
Favorite hashtag:

Skier: Marlene Arzberger

Skier: Sandra Lahnsteiner

Skier: Florian Gsandtner

Skier: Marlene Arzberger

Snowboarder: Franz Magdics

Snowboarder: Franz Magdics

Check out Armin’s website and follow him on Instagram.


Snowboarder: Hans Thomaes

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