#1 Photographer // Maximilian Gierl

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We live in a time when we are confronted daily by many hundreds of headlines, advertising messages and pictures – whether online on brand pages, blogs or social media channels, or analogously in newspapers, magazines or on billboards. Many photos remain in our memory only for milliseconds, others tie us up immediately and make us dream. And exactly for these photos, there is this category on my page.

All the more I am pleased, that I can introduce you here a young photographer, who is dedicated to outdoor photography, is an enthusiastic winter sportsman and shoots incredible pictures: Maximilian Gierl.

Photo: © Maximilian Gierl


Photographer Maximilian Gierl

Focus of work:
Mountain- / Outdoor- / Landscape Photography
Located in:
Lucerne, Switzerland
Canon 5d Mk IV, Canon 24-70mm f2,8, Canon 70-200mm f4.0, DJI Mavic Pro
None so far
Personal statement/philosophy:
You’re never to old for a happy childhood
Favorite ski spot:
Canton of Uri / Meiental
My best adventure/photoshoot yet:
Tough one, for 2018 I think the best adventure-shooting was while climbing the Watzmann eastface solo or the Graustock northface (Dec 1, 2018)
Person I would like to photograph:
Jimmy Chin
Place I would like to photograph:
Greenland for skitouring
Favorite hashtag:

Photo: © Maximilian Gierl

I discovered Maximilian’s work on Instagram and was immediately enthusiastic. I’m sure you will be too. So follow him on Instagram and book him for your next outdoor photo shoot.


Photo: © Maximilian Gierl

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