The Vacation “Brotherhood II”

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Hello ski & graphic fans! Do you know “J” skis from Burlington, Vermont, USA? Time to explore, especially the new ski model “Brotherhood II” for nice powder days!

Last year’s original “Brotherhood” graphic sold out in record time, super early in the season. So Jason Levinthal, the founder of “J” skis, decided to create this legendary 2nd version with a completely new graphic for those that missed out! The “Brotherhood II” is a wide ski with a soft, playful flex for throwing tricks all over the mountain, especially in powder.

Jason Levinthal tells: “I’m building only 400 pair of this Limited Edition graphic on the NEW Vacation ski, and hand signing and numbering each so you have a one-of-a-kind ski like no one else. The softer overall flex in combination with it’s lively Maple core and carbon fiber construction enables the ski to naturally conform to a broader variety of freestyle terrain with unprecedented comfort and tons of energy and pop. This ski’s incredibly playful feel butters and throws tricks with much less effort, while maintaining solid big air landings and high speed reliability. Get them before they sell out… again!”

All “Brotherhood II” model infos HERE.


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