Classy & sassy – MessyWeekend Ski Goggles FLOAT II XE2

Classy & sassy – MessyWeekend Ski Goggles. I got the chance to test the ski goggles FLOAT II XE2 Green Revo in Gastein, Austria, and can only say: well done! They have a lightweight thermoplastic frame, a big range of vision and the spherical lens, curved both vertically and horizontally, comes with a nice high-contrast technology named XE2.

The green Revo coating makes it easy to recognize contours on the mountains.

Why wear ski goggles?

First of all they protect your eyes from the wind (also from snow or rain) while skiing. But the most important fact is, that they protect against ultraviolet (UV) rays by filtering 100% of the UV rays. As you know, the intensity of the sun’s rays increases with altitude. So, for sunny days you need a lens that filters bright light to avoid straining your eyes. Of course, for bad weather your ski goggles’ lens should let light in. For this reason the frame of MessyWeekend Ski Goggles FLOAT II XE2 is equipped with a magnetic mechanism that allows to change the glasses from good to bad weather conditions in a matter of seconds.

The MessyWeekend FLOAT II XE2 Green Revo includes a yellow overcast lens for bad weather.

Danish style: MessyWeekend

MessyWeekend was founded in 2018 with the aim of creating high-quality eyewear at a fair and reasonable price without compromising on the quality. The second crowdfunding campaign of the young startup was probably the most successful ski goggle campaign on Kickstarter to date. All products are designed in Copenhagen. The company donates a certain percentage of sales to NGOs that campaign to remove plastic from the world’s oceans. More to know? MessyWeekend is the official partner and sponsor of the Danish Olympic freestyle and alpine ski teams.

Ready for MessyWeekend? Click here to discover the young brand.

Well, there are a lot of nice ski goggle brands. Whichever you choose, ski goggles give your eyes and face better protection than sunglasses cause of their flexibility. So always wear ski goggles (and a helmet)!

Have a great and healthy winter!

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Classy & sassy – MessyWeekend Ski Goggles. Nice to ski you!

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