LiTRIC avalanche airbag system by ORTOVOX and Arc’teryx

LiTRIC avalanche airbag system. Many avalanches are currently happening in the Alps. For this reason, avalanche safety is more important than ever, along with defensive route planning. To my great delight, two of the world’s leading manufacturers of safety equipment for mountain sports have presented a new avalanche airbag technology. The LiTRIC avalanche airbag system by ORTOVOX and Arc’teryx, which will be used in the backpacks of both brands from Winter 2022.

New avalanche airbag technology for Winter 2022


The system is one of the world’s lightest electrical systems – and that has many advantages, which I will briefly present here:

  • No travel restrictions: The innovative electrical system can be taken on a plane, in contrast to systems with cartridges.
  • A high-performance centrifugal compressor with a compact axial diffuser fills the airbag in four seconds.
  • The system can be testest at no additional cost and is fully charged in 25 minutes via USB-C.

    Nice to ski you – LiTRIC avalanche airbag system

  • With no cartridge there is more space for gear.
  • The 150l airbag can easily be pushed back into the airbag pocket.
  • A long-lasting Lithium-Ion battery allows at least 60 hours of continuous operation and a minimum of two inflations with one battery charge.

    The ORTOVOX AVABAG LiTRIC Series will be available in September 2022

  • Light weight: the LiTRIC airbag system weighs only 1080 g.
  • Performance in temps ranging from -30 to 45°C
  • The height-adjustable release handle is secured against false release with a 180-degree turn, but can still be operated intuitively and released quickly in an emergency.

    Arc’teryx backpacks are available from 16l to a multi-day, tour-friendly 42l

  • Made in Germany: the LiTRIC airbag system is climate-neutral and PFC-free produced in Bavaria.
  • An electronic system for multiple inflations.
  • Thanks German engineering by ORTOVOX and diehard Canadian knowhow by Arc’teryx!

The LiTRIC airbag system is one of the lightest avalanche systems on the market. Depending on whether freeriding or ski touring, the LiTRIC system will be used in different backpacks and sizes in the coming 2022/23 winter season. Prices start from € 1100.

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Good news for off-piste fans, back-country skiers and winter sports adventurers!

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