Lighter on the mountain: the new ABS s.LIGHT compact

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I like to ski off piste and enjoy the raw, pure nature while I take my turns in the white underground. It is therefore all the more important to start perfectly prepared and equipped in a descent covered with a lot of powder. An important point here: avalanche protection. Ski tourers and off piste riders, who want to “relieve” the ascent, will be pleased about the new avalanche backpack s.LIGHT by the pioneer of avalanche airbags: ABS.

What is so special about that? The new ABS s.LIGHT impresses with its low weight of less than 2 kg and its high functionality. Perfect for those who appreciate a dynamic climb, carefree downhill runs, reliable safety and little ballast on the mountain.

Double holds better – ABS Twinbag system
ABS consistently relies on the proven technology of TwinBags. The avalanche airbags, which can be activated by a simple handgrip in case of emergency, are made of extremely durable material and offer a particularly large surface area to float up in an avalanche accident. Thanks to the two separate airbags, in case of emergency one still remains, even if the other should be damaged.

As you like it – ABS zip-on principle
ABS backpacks consist of a base unit that houses the airbag system and a zip-on that turns the airbag into a normal backpack and can easily be zipped to the back. For the ABS s.LIGHT, zip-ons with 15 liters or 30 liters packing volume are available. This allows unrestricted combination and application possibilities without a modification of the airbag system.

The zip-ons feature many useful features for quick and organized packing, a hidden attachment for ice picks or sticks, a compartment compatible with each hydration pack, an inside pocket for personal items and an integrated helmet net. Depending on the application, the zip-ons can be exchanged quickly and easily. The 30l Zip-on has the same practical features as the 15l Zip-on, but offers more storage space. Ideal for longer trips or when you need more warmer clothing.

More infos about ABS avalanche airbags you can find HERE.

I wish you safe and happy descents this winter!


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