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Is it fun seeing your stats on a run? Yes it is! Well, there are many good ski apps for tracking your runs down the mountain. One of them is Ski Tracker PRO which enhance your ski experience.

Ski Tracker PRO App allows you to track and analyze your skiing or snowboarding performance using your smartphone.

Ski Tracker PRO keeps you connected with all of your friends on the slopes, allowing you to easily locate and communicate with your buddies wherever they are, so you won’t be ever worried that you can lose your friends on the slopes. The app takes advantage of GPS and detailed trail maps to quickly show you where everyone is in real time, including details such as slope difficulty and percentage down the trail.

Receiving the GPS signal the Ski Tracker PRO App captures your movements and analyzes them offline using the power of your smartphone. Ski Tracker PRO supports both standard and metric units for distance and vert drop. Once you’re done, Ski Tracker PRO also functions as a skiing log, recording a variety of metrics which you can save and share over social networks.

The app has two versions, free and premium. Ski Tracker Premium includes:

  • Live Tracking
  • Improved battery life
  • No ads
  • Pick and choose from 10 plus different metrics: Ascend, Descend, Max Speed …
  • Get access to the detailed analytics

These features can be unlocked by subscribing to one of the three different time durations: monthly, annual and lifetime. The prices for premium features are as follows:

Monthly – USD $15.99
Annual – USD $19.99
Lifetime – USD $49.99

So, pick your favourite version HERE and enjoy skiing!


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