WWF Germany petition: coal exit instead of climate crisis. Your voice is needed!

WWF Germany petition. WWF Germany says, what we all know. We are in the middle of the climate crisis. For people and nature, climate change has become an acute danger. Ecosystems and their inhabitants around the world are threatened by global warming. As a skier, climate change is particularly evident in the dramatic decline in glaciers. That’s why I like to support this campaign. And of course, I love polar bears.

According to WWF Germany’s CO2 emissions have not dropped for nine years. Coal is still the largest single cause of CO2 in Germany. Every day we’re idle, it gets harder and more expensive to limit the earths heating to well below 2 degrees.

The German government must act immediately and decisively so that Germany reaches its climate goals. For this, the government must now decide the coal exit and an effective climate protection law.

Your voice for the salvation of planet Earth! Sign WWF Germany petition HERE! I have already done it!

The WWF is the largest enviornmental NGO in Germany. It advocates biodiversity and the protection of the North Sea and Baltic Sea, coastal areas, rivers and forests.


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Photo: © WWF Germany

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