Ski furniture by Jakob Lederer from Skimöbel

Ski furniture by Jakob Lederer from Skimöbel. Today I would like to introduce you to a very special dude who has specialized in an extraordinary field: ski furniture. As an independent, locally owned business based near my hometown Graz in Styria, Austria, Jakob is producing truly unique works of art. I spoke to Jakob to find out more about his great work. Enjoy the read!

Nice to ski you: Jakob Lederer from | Photo: © Peter Rigaud

Jakob, how did you get into ski furniture manufacturing?

Over the years I had kept some of my old skis and stored them in my parents’ basement. They threatened to take them to the rubbish bin, so I was forced to do something with them quickly to avoid that. My skis became a ski bench and this aroused the interest of my friends and soon the first order came.

Creativity is passion having fun! Photos: ©

What’s your favorite piece so far that you have built? And who got that?

I made a man-high mirror frame out of the most beautiful ski I’ve ever got and gave it to my wife. This is now in our cloakroom and we are both happy about the great piece every day.

Thumbs up for ski furniture! Photo: © Peter Rigaud

How long does it take to build ski furniture – from order to completion?

That depends on the size of the piece. A shoehorn can be built quickly, it only takes me about half an hour. The other extreme is probably a ski bench made from old wooden skis. Not only the construction itself is very complex, the wooden skis also need a lot of treatment. Cleaning, sealing holes, grinding, oiling. The entire process can take up to a working week.

Old is … sometimes a new masterpiece. Photo: ©

Can people give you old skis? Are there any criteria for this?

Yes, I am very happy about ski donations. Or rather, I am dependent on it, because otherwise it would not pay off. Basically, the older the better. Old wooden skis are very rare and furniture made from them is in great demand. But I’m also happy about younger semesters in good condition. It is important that the top is not too scratched. Signs of use are ok.

If you can’t reduce, then reuse! Photo left: © | Photo right: © Peter Rigaud

Next to ski furniture you also manufacture handmade skis, so which ski would you build for your best friend?

I would build an all-round ski that is not too wide and heavy so that it can also be used on ski tours. I recommend a rather stiff ski with little pretension. In tough conditions you can have fun and ski safely. The ski doesn’t dig down when it’s soft. Carbon makes it possible for the properties to be combined in a ski that is light and stiff. My favorite design is Austrian stone pine veneer. This makes the ski look like a wooden board. After all, I would burn a portrait of my friend in the surface.

Watch the Skimöbel ski builder imagespot!

The Ski Builder Werbefilm from PK DIGITAL MEDIA PRODUCTION on Vimeo.

Last but not least, I invite you to visit Jakob’s website to contact him and to order handmade ski furniture (and skis) for your home, business or as a really nice gift. Let’s enjoy the skiing lifestyle in a new way!

Thanks Jakob!

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Ski furniture by Jakob Lederer from Skimöbel. Photo: ©

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