Ready for rocks: ORTOVOX alpine climbing courses

Ready for rocks: ORTOVOX alpine climbing courses. As a passionate climber in my youth, here is a tip for all mountain lovers. The Ortovox Safety Academy is one of the world’s largest training initiatives for avalanche prevention. Since 2016, the offer has also included summer training courses in the field of sport and alpine climbing. This will be refined and expanded for the upcoming rock season. A new addition is a one-day rock climbing course, which is intended to give indoor climbers their first experiences on rock. The multi-day courses will be divided up and will deal separately with secured multi-pitch routes and alpine rock routes. In addition to the training, the focus is on the joint climbing experience. The entire range of courses takes place in cooperation with partner mountain schools and extends from Germany, Austria and Switzerland to France and Italy.


Getting to the top … | © Photo by Max Draeger for ORTOVOX

From the climbing gym to the rock: The new, one-day Climbing Basic course is the ideal offer for gym climbers without previous rock climbing experience. In addition to knowledge of materials and knots, the course deals with aspects such as rope guidance in lead climbing, rethreading for lowering and route dismantling.


Change your perspective | © Photo by Max Draeger for ORTOVOX

The Climbing Advanced course, on the other hand, focuses on multi-pitch tours secured with bolts. Accordingly, first rock lead climbing experience in the fourth UIAA level of difficulty and safe walking in rough terrain are prerequisites. The participants learn, among other things, how to set up a belay station, how to lead and follow as a rope team, and how to rapell.


Climbing will teach you a lot about persistence | © Photo by Max Draeger for ORTOVOX

Easy multi-pitch routes and the use of mobile safety equipment: this is where the new Alpine Climbing Course comes in. It requires appropriate knowledge from the Climbing Advanced course or other lead climbing experience in well-secured multi-pitch routes. The course content includes, for example, variants in belay construction, the use of mobile safety devices as well as abseiling and descent techniques.

It takes a lot of knowledge to be safe outdoors at any time of the year. Ready for rocks: ORTOVOX alpine climbing courses. Detailed information, dates and booking options: HERE

Stay safe and have a great time in the mountains!

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