Mountain Tribe – learning from the squad

Mountain Tribe – learning from the squad. Summer ahead, time to reflect and to inhale skills you need backcountry next season: snow safety, navigation, winter camping and glacier safety. Enjoy 4 episodes that you need to know to learn how to become a ski mountaineer. Made with passion and love by Mountain Tribe.

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Episode 01: Snow Safety

Join the crew as they team up with Skiguide Jochen Reiser explaining the most important skills you need to gain to be ready for the backcountry. This episode covers the very basics for group dynamics, probing training, beacon search and digging a snowprofile.

Episode 02: Navigation

Orientation is important in life, but especially important in the high alpine. So, which tools are out there? What’s the basics, how do you combine different methods and what are the most common mistakes to be avoided? Cause getting lost in the mountains can be life threatening. Watch this episode to learn how to plan your next adventure the right way!

Episode 03: Winter Camping

Get a glimpse of what the crew learned sleeping in tents in the mountains during winter. We’ll show some of the basics you should know, ranging from the most important items to bring to some tips on how to set up your camp the right way. Watch this episode to learn what’s the fascination of sleeping outside in the cold!

Episode 04: Glacier Safety

While glaciers are beautiful, they also pose a great risk for Freeriders and Mountaineers. If traversing glaciers, it’s mandatory to be able to perform some complex crevasse rescuing and safety techniques. The good thing is: you can practise everything off the glaciers first, which is less demanding! Watch the Mountain Tribe learning new skills in crevasse rescue and alpine ropework, on and off the mountain, from how to carry the rope correctly to complex rescue scenarios.

Thanks Mountain Tribe for your great content!

Mountain Tribe is a passionate bunch of freeriders – Flo Gassner, Valentin Werner-Tutschku, Martin Kogler, Lukas Mühlmann – who admire spending their best moments with their squad up in the mountains!

“In times we don’t hunt the white gold ourselves, we produce freeride movies. The Tribe consists of our closest soulshred-buddies, praising the same values as we do.”

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