11 ski tips by Phoebe – an average adventurer

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When I read Phoebe’s tips on her Instagram feed (profile name: anaverageadventurer) for the first time, many similar moments from my skiing life flitted through my mind. I had to smile, because her descriptions are charming, honest, humorous, sarcastic, just great! And I knew immediately that I would ask her if I could introduce her tips here on my blog. Thank you Phoebe for the nice collab!

Enjoy 11 ski tips by Phoebe! And if you think the tips are average, you’re wrong. Just read!

Ski tip no. 1
Pick ski friends who take and edit edgy pics of you that make you look braver than you are.

Ski tip no. 2
Always, ALWAYS wear a helmet, no matter how cool you think you look without.

Ski tip no. 3
It is incredibly important to keep hydrated on the mountain.

Ski tip no. 4
Don’t ski inebriated as it only ever has, at best, embarrassing consequences, at worst, painful consequences, but if you do decide to, make sure you have other drunk pals to scoop you up/laugh at/make sure you don’t get left on the mountain.

Ski tip no. 5
Having a sit down and admiring the view does not make you a bad skier (even if you fell and pretended like it was intentional).

Ski tip no. 6
You will NEVER regret buying a pair of Black Crows skis. Best money I have ever spent.

Ski tip no. 7
Read my blog post about my first experience of La Grave at https://anaverageadventurer.weebly.com/blog/la-grave

Ski tip no. 8
If you ever get the chance to be dragged along by a snowcat, take it.

Ski tip no. 9
Always check behind you for your ejected ski.

Ski tip no. 10
It is always a good idea to make friends with the local population wherever you go.

Ski tip no. 11
Do things that scare you, they make you better.

Ok, one more!

Ski tip no. 12
Get someone to take a picture from above you so the slope looks steeper (pic No.11).

To be continued … find more tips on Phoebe’s Instagram page.

Do you feel like snatching your skis and going to the mountains? Me too! 🙂


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