When was the last time you did something for the first time?

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When was the last time you did something for the first time? I asked myself this question when I had the idea for NICE TO SKI YOU. And the first article should be an interview with myself. After all, I have not done that yet. Wohoo!

NICE TO SKI YOU: Why a ski page from Berlin?
Peter: I am Austrian from Styria and I love the mountains, as well as skiing and snow-covered slopes. But I also love Berlin. It’s a big contrast, but as amazing. That’s why I have been living here for many years. My motto: Home is where the heart is.

NICE TO SKI YOU: You create this page in your free time? Why?
Peter: I’m full on it!

NICE TO SKI YOU: What can readers expect?
Peter: Everything and nothing, and unusual interviews. Seriously: Read my text ABOUT.

NICE TO SKI YOU: You speak German, why an English page?
Peter: Everywhere around the globe people ski and enjoy winter, and English is the most common language. I’m not a native speaker, you will surely notice that at one point or another, but with English I (almost) do not exclude anyone. Besides, I am constantly learning, it’s rad!

NICE TO SKI YOU: How often do you come to ski?
Peter: Unfortunately far too rarely, but maybe that will change with my new heart project.

NICE TO SKI YOU: On which slopes can we meet you in winter?
Peter: In Austria around Bad Gastein, Schladming, Präbichl or the Arlberg. Otherwise maybe in the french alps. I love Chamonix.

NICE TO SKI YOU: Do you have a ski idol?
Peter: As a child I was a big fan of Austrian ski racer Rudi Nierlich. In 1990, when I was twelve, I got an autograph from him and was really proud of it. Unfortunately he died in 1991 in a fatal accident.

NICE TO SKI YOU: What would you advise every skier?
Peter: Always wear a helmet! I already had a serious accident when I was skiiing without one. That was not a nice experience.

NICE TO SKI YOU: Do you have a favorite for the alpine World Cup season 2018/19?
Peter: Marcel Hirscher and Mikaela Shiffrin.

NICE TO SKI YOU: Which place have you not been to yet? Where would you love to ski?
Peter: Canada and USA.

NICE TO SKI YOU: What are you doing in Berlin?
Peter: I am currently working in a fashion company, have run a house music club and published a children’s book in German called „Mimmi Maus fährt nach Berlin“ for children up to 5 years. If you have children, be sure to read it.



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