Shop photo prints created by Maximilian Gierl

Shop photo prints. Many of you already know him from my December article: photographer Maximilian Gierl. All the more I am pleased that from now on three of his great photographic works are available here exclusively as a digital photo print. Thanks for the collab, Max!

Size: 48 x 48 cm
Price: 35€ excl. sales tax and shipping
Paper: EXTRAROUGH by Metapaper

Photo print “Piz Albris” by Maximilian Gierl

PDF to books print

Photo print “Titlis” by Maximilian Gierl

PDF print magazine

Photo print “Engelberg” by Maximilian Gierl

Print a book from PDF

Shop photo prints. Individually or as a trio – the outdoor photo prints by Maximilian Gierl are simply impressively beautiful.


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