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Photographer Jan Zahula. “Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession.” This quote sums up Jan’s career path nicely. Since the beginning of his climbing career, he has been always carrying some extra weight in his backpack – a camera. And so his passion for photography has become a profession. Therefore I am delighted that I can present you some nice photographs of Jan on my blog. Enjoy!

Majestic! Cerro Torre, captured by Jan Zahula from Cerro Solo.

The best view comes before the hardest climb 🙂 | Nice to ski you: Jan Zahula

Photographer Jan Zahula

Focus of work:
I am aspirant IFMGA mountain guide with a passion for adventure photography. Mainly climbing, skiing and mountain landscape. My vision is to provide my clients not only great day in the mountains, but also a memory in the form of photography.

Located in:
I live in Jablonec a city the north of Czech Republic, which means I have to travel a lot for alpine adventures.

Sony A7III, Tamron 17-28 f/2.8, Sony 24 f/1.4, Sony 55 f/1.8, Sony 70-200 f/4.0

Czech outdoor retailers: HUDY, Hanibal. Brands: Singing Rock, Patizon, BlackYak, RAB, Tendon. Magazines: Everest, Montana, Proper Adventure

Personal statement/philosophy:
The best photos come from situations where the conditions and environment are so harsh that you usually don’t even consider taking out the camera.

Favorite ski spot:
The one with the best snow 🙂 I am trying to explore valleys without crowds. My most recently beloved places are Val Müstair and Averstall.

My best adventure/photoshoot yet:
Climbing the Eiger northface with a camera was not a real photoshoot, but more of a breaking point where I realized I want to bring great images from the alpine adventures.

Person I would like to photograph:
Hard to say. Anyone who can ski amazing lines in big mountains.

Place I would like to photograph:
I would love to go to Japan. We should have travelled there this winter, but it is what it is. So hopefully next season.

Website: janzahula.com

Favorite hashtag:

Go where you feel most alive.

Enjoying every moment.

Early morning walk.

Thanks Jan!

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Off to new adventures.

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