Kastanistan – a ski film by Snowmads

Kastanistan – a ski film by Snowmads. The story: Georgian mountain guide Nick Phaliani and pro skier and Snowmads mastermind Fabian Lentsch go on their first freeride skiing mission. Together with friends they discover a new freeride zone in Georgia.

The idea behind Snowmads is like the philosophy of NICE TO SKI YOU. Namely to connect the passion for skiing, traveling and experiencing new places. Therefore I follow Fabian for a long time on Social Media and like to share this really nice project here on my blog. Enjoy Kastanistan – a ski film by Snowmads.

► Main Cast:
Fabian Lentsch

Gabriel Indrist

Konsti Ottner

Nick Phaliani

Joi Hoffmann

Zura Phaliani

Gogita Chartolani

► Produced by: NINE&ONE
Producer / Writer: Karin Lechner
Director / Editor: Raphael Pöham
Cinematography: Raphael Pöham, Joi Hoffmann
Drone Footage: Lukas Schäfer
Additional Footage: Red Bull Austria / Legs of Steel
Sound: Izzy Cope
Stills Photography: Fabio Keck / Bergkult Productions

One last thing: I’m still shocked by the news of Fabi’s crash. So lots of good energy – and get well soon Fabi!


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