French Style – Freeskier Léon Libossart

French Style – Freeskier Léon Libossart. You can meet him away from groomed slopes in deep snow or at the biggest Snow Parks in the French Alps. 360° Nose Butter, Blind 270 Outs, Slides, Backflips or crazy freestyle and freeride fun – he knows the game, as his friends behind the lense! Whether photopgrapher Oliver Godbold, Sylvain Cochard or Maxime Rambaud, these guys kow how to document Léon’s play in fantastic settings. Have fun to watch the French Style of Léon and enjoy great photos made by his friends.

Let’s go with the flow – for photographer Oliver Godbold

Into the wild! Photo: © Oliver Godbold

Winter, oh, là, là! Photo: © Oliver Godbold

French Style – Freeskier Léon Libossart is shredding the gnar. Photo: © Oliver Godbold

3, 2, 1, … sliding for photographer Sylvain Cochard

On the planks again! Photo: © Sylvain Cochard

Nice! Nice! Baby! Photo: © Sylvain Cochard

Winter is a sliding door to fun. Photo: © Sylvain Cochard

Going big – for photographer Maxime Rambaud

Snorkeling mode! Photo: © Maxime Rambaud

Hello again! Photo: © Maxime Rambaud

Ski you soon? Keep your … crossed! Photo: © Maxime Rambaud

The bottom line is … that French Style is not only Caroline de Maigret, Charlotte Gainsbourg or Jeanne Damas. 😉

Merci Léon!

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