Freeride Film Festival 2020

Freeride Film Festival 2020 – from November 7th to 29th, in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. The 11th Freeride Film Festival is dedicated to the beauty on your own doorstep – in more countries than ever before.

2020 is a very special year for the Freeride Film Festival (FFF) – and that affects several aspects. Firstly, the selection of films is more international than ever and at the same time anchored locally. Second, that’s exactly in the sustainable sense of the festival. Thirdly, in addition to Austria, Germany and Switzerland, the tour goes to Italy for the first time. Fourth, not only have the FFF visitors got used to dealing with the corona virus, but the organizers are also aware of their great responsibility. Fifth, this year, for the first time, the full potential of the new cooperation with ABS / PYUA will be used.

It’s been a challenging and somehow strange year. The two Master Minds of the Freeride Film Festival (FFF) also agree on this. But Volker Hölzl and Harry Putz have never doubted that the 2020 tour will take place. “We were always aware that we had to adapt to the constantly changing conditions and remain flexible in the process,” explains Hölzl. “Of course we will adhere exactly to the official COVID-19 guidelines, but we want to focus specifically on joy, enthusiasm and shared experience: in sport as well as in filming and watching. That is why we are particularly pleased that this year we have more international productions in our program than ever before, all of which were shot in our own backyards.”

Tour dates 2020

07.11. Andermatt, Konzerthalle (CH)
08.11. Zürich, Kosmos Kino (CH)
09.11. Wolfurt, Cubus (AT)
10.11. Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Kongress (DE)
11.11. München, Alte Kongresshalle (DE)
12.11. Wien, Gartenbaukino (AT)
13.11. Innsbruck, Leokino (AT)
15.11. Landshut, Kinopolis (DE)
16.11. Erlangen, Cinestar (DE)
17.11. Lausanne, Pathé Les Galeries (CH)
17.11. Frankfurt, Metropolis (DE)
18.11. Engelberg, Kursaal (CH)
18.11. Berlin, Kino in der Kulturbrauerei (DE)
19.11. Basel, Pathé Küchlin (CH)
19.11. Hamburg, Zeise Kinos (DE)
20.11. Bern, Cine Bubenberg (CH)
21.11. Düsseldorf, Cinestar (DE)
22.11. Salzburg, Das Kino (AT)
22.11. Köln, Cinenova (DE)
23.11. Wels, Programmkino (AT)
23.11. Stuttgart, Metro (DE)
24.11. Graz, KIZ Royalkino (AT)
24.11. Tegernsee, Seeforum (DE)
25.11. Villach, Stadtkino (AT)
25.11. Augsburg, Liliom (DE)
26.11. Neu-Ulm, Dietrich Theater (DE)
27.11. Bozen, Cineplexx (IT)
28.11. Schlanders, Basis (IT)
29.11. Schruns, Kulturbühne (AT)

Freeride Film Festival 2020. More information & tickets HERE.


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